Our mission was to gain information about a new, potential client base when we first met with Comforce (CloudAgents parent company). We were positive that we need a professional partner as we wanted to outsource one of the most difficult part of the sales process; cold calling and appointment setting. Our targets (conversion rates) – which we mutually defined at the contracting phase - had been exceeded by far therefore I am more than satisfied with the job being done and also the credible and result oriented sales team of Comforce. The key benefit was that we talked the same languague throughout our cooperation therefore we never had any doubts about our partner. I can state that Comforce is a premium service provider, therefore is able to deliver undisputed results in executing high volume projects.

Tóth Balázs

sales manager

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What comes to my mind about Comforce (CloudAgents parent company)? Comforce – and data flow, Comforce – and we reach our customers thought to be lost, Comforce – and the database is updated. And this was the exact goal of the cooperation.

SuperShop, team