In a traditional call-center environment, companies are usually required to have an expensive and fixed overhead that is not flexible enough when the need comes to expand (or shrink), and needs to be sized for peak demand. Agent availability has to be planned in advance as co-workers need to commute to and from the physical call facility. While past data gives some indication on the demand to be expected, traditional call centers have no efficient ways to react quickly for unexpected fluctuations resulting in either extra costs through capacity waste (agent idle time that someone needs to pay for), or under capacity (drop in service level, customer dissatisfaction).

Our solution reduces overhead and IT costs and dramatically increases flexibility by providing a virtual call-center service, routing incoming and outgoing calls to agents working from home. The elimination of a fixed location will result in dramatic cost reductions while your company can focus on the core value of your business: and that is what you are the best at. CloudAgents provides a platform that is secure, rapid, scalable, while maintaining or improving service levels. Besides providing you access to a global workforce (including North America, Europe, Africa or Asia) iit also creates a work-environment where agents can live up to their full potential. They may choose the work they like and are best at, at the time they want it. CloudAgents is a win-win model for companies with both inbound and outbound call-center service needs, as well as for agents. Taking advantage of technology advances creates a work and marketplace where boundaries no longer exist and the potential of your company is maximized.

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Comforce (CloudAgents parent company) has proven to be very professional during preparations and executions of our mutual project. We were absolutely confident during our cooperation that our campaign is in the hands of an expert.

Erika Jablonkai, Customer Services Manager