Unique capacity:

The appropriate number of agents is ensured within a short deadline even in the case of large-volume tasks or unforeseen peaks.

Quick response time:

Apart from the number of agents, the content and technical parameters of scripts can be changed immediately. The online training system and process ensure up-to-date knowledge even in the case of new information.

Have you ever had agents in your call-center inundated by phone-calls and working overtime while other times sitting there having not enough to do? Have you ever wasted your valuable human resources on tasks that were not providing value to your company? When it comes to capacity planning, most companies have to focus on the peak usage of an application. This process requires the maintenance of a fixed – and sometimes unnecessary, rigid and expensive- overhead, while not having the flexibility to cater to the changing needs of the market. Our solution differs from this traditional way of capacity planning by providing the ability to scale the resources up or down based on demand. So if you need more agents because it is the holiday season, you got it! If you need less, no problem! CloudAgents assesses your demands and caters to your needs in real-time.

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The preparation phase before the final decision was made for outsourcing went smoothly with Comforce (CloudAgents parent company) and their team gave all the right answers to the questions we had. Their colleagues testified to be professionals in their field at the transition period, too, which helped them to see through Praktiker’s...

Katalin Safrany, Head of Marketing and Online Services