Hungarian venture capital firm Primus Capital's HUF 6.2bn (EUR 21.9mn) Primus III fund has pledged a total of EUR 600 thousand in several phases to fund the establishment of COMFORCE Inc., CloudAgents' parent company as a corporate entity, to expand the client base, and for technological and organizational development. The Primus III fund was registered in April 2010. It is one of eight Hungarian venture capital funds that won EU funds through the JEREMIE program, with the latter providing HUF 4.34bn (EUR 15.3mn) of Primus III's capital.

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The preparation phase before the final decision was made for outsourcing went smoothly with Comforce (CloudAgents parent company) and their team gave all the right answers to the questions we had. Their colleagues testified to be professionals in their field at the transition period, too, which helped them to see through Praktiker’s...

Katalin Safrany, Head of Marketing and Online Services