COMFORCE Zrt. (registered seat: 2500 Esztergom, Jókai út 8., Hungary; registration number: Cg.11-10-001667; hereinafter: Comforce Zrt.) in accordance with the relevant data protection laws processes and protects personal data in the course of the registration (hereinafter: Registration) of remote workers on the websites: and a (hereinafter:Websites). Data Protection Registry Number: NAIH-72876/2014.


Comforce Zrt. uses your data for the following purposes: registering your data during the Registration on the Websites; sending information about Comforce Zrt.’s activity, the admission procedure and the terms and conditions of employment; and communication with you in relation to the above.

Comforce Zrt. stores any information about you only as long as it is necessary and eligible for achieving the purpose the data were collected for, as well as until any contracts or legal regulations allow it. Comforce Zrt. does not collect any unnecessary volume of information, or any unnecessary information, or any information which are unsuitable for achieving the purpose described above.


Upon your request, Comforce Zrt. will inform you about the data held by itself, the data processed by itself or by the commissioned data controller, and about the source of these data, the purpose, the legal basis, and the duration of the data management, furthermore, about the name, address and data management-related activity of the data processor as well as, in case your personal data are forwarded, about the legal basis and addressee thereof.

Comforce Zrt. does not make your personal data accessible for any third party, excluding the cases when (according to legal regulations) the disclosure of your personal date to other companies, financial institutions or to public bodies is necessary and desirable for the purpose of crime prevention and customer protection, and if it is stipulated and permitted by law. In case Comforce Zrt.discloses your personal data to any third party, Comforce Zrt. is always in compliance with the legal regulations on data protection.


According to data protection regulations you are entitled to request information about the management of your personal data at any time. Information is given free of charge. Comforce Zrt. will give you the information within 30 (thirty) days of the submission of your request. If you have any question in relation to the management of your personal data, Comforce Zrt. asks you to contact us at the contact details indicated on the Websites.

Through the contact details indicated on the Websites, you have the right (i) to request information on the management of your personal data; (ii) to request the correction, cancellation (excluding the case of compulsory data management) and blocking of your personal data; (iii) to protest against the management of your personal data in cases defined in the legal regulations on data protection; (iv) to turn to the competent court or authority if your rights have been violated or in other cases defined by the law; and (v) to demand compensation for damage caused by unlawful data management or by the violation of data security provisions. Comforce Zrt. draws your attention to the fact that in certain cases, in connection with the data management defined in this data protection policy, the data controller may manage your personal data according to Section 6 (5) of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information. This means that the management of personal data may be necessary for the fulfilment of certain legal obligations of the data controller or for the observation of the legitimate interest of third parties. In these cases personal data may be managed even if you have withdrawn your permission thereto. You may ask for further information from the data controller at its contact details.


It is the obligation of Comforce Zrt. to provide protection for your personal data. Comforce Zrt. has introduced physical, electronic and administrative procedures for the protection of your personal data from unauthorised access, modification, transmission, publication, cancellation or destruction, furthermore, from inaccessibility caused by causal destruction, damage or by the modification of the applied technology. Comforce Zrt. pays particular attention to the protection of your personal data from unlawful and unauthorised procedure during data management. Despite all of these measures Comforce Zrt. cannot fully guarantee the security of your data.

Comforce Zrt. provides security for your data by the following means: usage of encoding where possible, password protection where applicable, limitation of the access to information (i.e. only those employees have access to these data for whom it is necessary for the attainment of the purposes written above). Comforce Zrt. requests you to help protecting the information by using nonobvious login name and password, and by regular modification of your password. Furthermore, Comforce Zrt. also requests you not to make your password accessible for any other person.


The preparation phase before the final decision was made for outsourcing went smoothly with Comforce (CloudAgents parent company) and their team gave all the right answers to the questions we had. Their colleagues testified to be professionals in their field at the transition period, too, which helped them to see through Praktiker’s...

Katalin Safrany, Head of Marketing and Online Services