Unique quality assurance process

During call handling, supervisors listen to the conversations and monitor their efficiency in real time. Quality controllers evaluate work according to objective criteria, independent of supervisors. During call handling, catching-up and continuous development are facilitated by situational exercises and coaching.

Coaching approach management

We measure, analyze and develop performance by feedback for each agent. Colleagues joining us attend integration training and then, after an exam, they receive individual assessment, which is the basis of their personal development plan. The coaching program follows the agent through the entire working relationship.

Dedicated customer relations

We employ up-to-date, quickly reacting customer relations managers at the service of our clients for keeping daily contact.

Independent qualification

At the professional competition arranged by GFK Market Research Institute in 2010 and 2011 we met the high standard qualification criteria whereby we obtained the Qualified Call Center acknowledgement.

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The preparation phase before the final decision was made for outsourcing went smoothly with Comforce (CloudAgents parent company) and their team gave all the right answers to the questions we had. Their colleagues testified to be professionals in their field at the transition period, too, which helped them to see through Praktiker’s...

Katalin Safrany, Head of Marketing and Online Services