By operating in a fully decentralized structure with remote workforce, cloud-based system resources and redundant data centers, CloudAgent's model offers a higher level of Business Continuity than any brick-and-mortar model does. CloudAgent’s operation provides Service Level on yearly basis in case of fire, flood, strikes, epidemics and any disasters.

CloudAgent’s Business Continuity procedure includes:

  • physically remote workforce for maintaining SLA
  • redundant supplies, software and hardware resources
  • call center systems in a redundant architecture
  • data back-up and recovery on a physically duplicated locations
  • logically and physically redundant network and host infrastructure
  • logically and physically redundant DNS for all domain names and all DNS dependencies
  • emergency procedures for internal and external Significant Business Disruptions events
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What comes to my mind about Comforce (CloudAgents parent company)? Comforce – and data flow, Comforce – and we reach our customers thought to be lost, Comforce – and the database is updated. And this was the exact goal of the cooperation.

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