Data management

We use regulated data management processes, customizable monitoring reports in the form and with the content according to the client’s needs.

Information security

Call information is stored in secure and redundant data centers. State-of-theart technology, strict encryption protocols and regulated work organization methods guarantee security. No client data stored on workstations.

Physical security

7/24 guard service, CCTV (inside/outside), intrusion detection and alarm system, automatic escape-locking doors are providing the highest protection at the operation head office. Entry logs monitored and retained to a future accessible for physical security upon incident, physical access cards are denied upon its loss, stealing or damage.

Unique business continuity

As a result of the national network and redundant systems continuous operation is ensured even in case of an epidemic, strike, natural disaster and other Acts of God.

Transparent and proactive communication

With our clear communication, quick feedback and operation that is transparent for our clients we make follow-up of every work phase possible.

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If I have to say a few words about Comforce (CloudAgents parent company), then I am in a difficult situation because only positive things come to my mind. We have successfully pursued several projects and plan to do so in the future as well. We choose them from campaign to campaign because all tiny details of the whole process are...

David Vezer, Head of Marketing