Creating new job opportunities

We are proud that by providing work from home opportunities globally we enable qualified people of backward and isolated settlements with huge unemployment, also highly skilled disadvantaged workers to make a living and make their lives happier.

State-of-the-art home-based solutions

Our solutions provides tremendous cost saving not only for our clients but also for our agents and their households.  No need for transportation to commute to a workplace, to pay expensive meals at canteens or to invest into expensive clothing to align with company policies.

Strengthening family and local community relations

Our workforce can spend more time with family and local communities, thus are more motivated and happier as there is no wasted time with commuting and they can work as much as they want.

Significantly reduces pollution

Working from home rather than commuting to work reduces a significant amount of pollution, thus helps protecting our environment.

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If I have to say a few words about Comforce (CloudAgents parent company), then I am in a difficult situation because only positive things come to my mind. We have successfully pursued several projects and plan to do so in the future as well. We choose them from campaign to campaign because all tiny details of the whole process are...

David Vezer, Head of Marketing