I had my business with CloudAgents for over a year and I must admit that team this team is so energetic and full with expertise and professionalism. They provide you with the right calibers and customer service level required in today’s competitive environment.

Alaa Nashed, CVM Manager


The preparation phase before the final decision was made for outsourcing went smoothly with Comforce/CloudAgents and their team gave all the right answers to the questions we had. Their colleagues testified to be professionals in their field at the transition period, too, which helped them to see through Praktiker’s complex and multichannel customer service operations within the company. They already provided some optimization steps in the beginning of our mutual work. All Comforce staff is eager to solve problems efficiently and adapt all business solutions flexibly to the needs and facilities of the client. All the above was crucial in delivering the transition to our outsourcing partner very quickly and smoothly. They already recommended and implemented several quality improving and additional sales generating ideas, which have been incorporated into our daily work processes. Taking all the above into consideration I highly recommend them for an outsourcing partner.

Katalin Safrany, Head of Marketing and Online Services


Comforce/CloudAgents has proven to be very professional during preparations and executions of our mutual project. We were absolutely confident during our cooperation that our campaign is in the hands of an expert.

Erika Jablonkai, Customer Services Manager


What comes to my mind about Comforce/CloudAgents? Comforce – and data flow, Comforce – and we reach our customers thought to be lost, Comforce – and the database is updated. And this was the exact goal of the cooperation.

SuperShop team

Somato Diagnostics

I have never thought of starting a telemarketing campaign for our company. But meeting Comforce/CloudAgents convinced me that telemarketing is a very effective way to assessing customer needs. During my first meeting I experienced high standard professional qualifications, flexible handling of changes, customer orientation and regular feedback. And the result is quantitatively measurable performance and a database that is valuable to me.

Erika Soltesz, Managing Director

European Mailing Education (ELO)

We are a firm providing educational services, selling by direct marketing and our main objective is to increase the number of new students continuously. One of our main channels is telemarketing, which we have been using for years. We started to cooperate with Comforce/CloudAgents two months ago. At the beginning of our cooperation we had some reservations and not a few doubts: whether the customer service representatives whom we do not meet personally, have really understood our not so simple product portfolio; whether they will be able to answer customers’ questions and what is the most important to our company, to bring new students?... By now it has been proved: yes, they can! With outstanding efficiency we have achieved record results together. Furthermore, owing to their extremely precise, up-to-date report system I always know exactly where the campaign costs stand and what is the rate thereof to the customer portfolio. It is also very important to us that calls are checkable. Comforce provides the recordings of calls made at our disposal in an up-to-date way. All these and the flexibility of Comforce’s colleagues represent the basis of a mutually fruitful business relationship.

Helga Bonafert, Marketing Director

PLT Publishing (WAZ Media Group)

If I have to say a few words about Comforce/CloudAgents, then I am in a difficult situation because only positive things come to my mind. We have successfully pursued several projects and plan to do so in the future as well. We choose them from campaign to campaign because all tiny details of the whole process are smooth during our cooperation. And not the last, they provide the expected sales for our publishing company at competitive prices. They are flexible, adapt to changing needs quickly and can fully identify with the values we represent.

David Vezer, Head of Marketing

Amadeus (Travel Industry's Technology Partner)

Our mission was to gain information about a new, potential client base when we first met with Comforce/CloudAgents. We were positive that we need a professional partner as we wanted to outsource one of the most difficult part of the sales process; cold calling and appointment setting. Our targets (conversion rates) – which we mutually defined at the contracting phase - had been exceeded by far therefore I am more than satisfied with the job being done and also the credible and result oriented sales team of Comforce. The key benefit was that we talked the same languague throughout our cooperation therefore we never had any doubts about our partner. I can state that Comforce is a premium service provider, therefore is able to deliver undisputed results in executing high volume projects.

Balazs Toth, Sales Manager

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If I have to say a few words about Comforce (CloudAgents parent company), then I am in a difficult situation because only positive things come to my mind. We have successfully pursued several projects and plan to do so in the future as well. We choose them from campaign to campaign because all tiny details of the whole process are...

David Vezer, Head of Marketing