• Do you still recruit, maintain and manage your own call-center? 
  • Do you still pay expensive overheads to house your customer service department?
  • Do you get charged for the fixed costs of your outsourced call center?
  • Are you frustrated by inflexible pricing or service that can not handle peaks and troughs?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, it is time to move your customer service to a higher level, right up to the clouds. Discover the CloudAgents advantage, bringing a new approach to customer service utilizing cloud computing and novel HR management technologies to achieve high service quality, unprecedented flexibility, availability of any language or dialect and cost effectiveness all at the same time.

With the continuous and parallel growth of customer expectations and market driven financial pressure, companies are faced with the challenge of delivering higher quality customer service and cutting costs simultaneously. While traditional call centres and telemarketing have achieved significant efficiency improvement in the past, there is a limit to what further gains may be achieved without sacrificing quality of service. The goal sounds like mission impossible using traditional contact centers.

Fortunately recent advances and break-through in technology allow novel solutions to the problem of making direct contact with existing and potential customers. While distributed, home based agents were impossible to deploy just a few years ago, with the advent of cloud computing this approach became a reality. CloudAgents is the leader that brings you the advantages of the distributed contact center to help your business to achieve more results for less.

The CloudAgents solution is a state of the art implementation of the 21st century’s call centre base on the cloud computing model that enables companies to reduce capital expenditure (or outsourcing cost) by eliminating physical brick and mortar workplaces from the customer contact process, tap into a nearly unlimited talent pool by eliminating the geographical restrictions on agent recruitment and introduce efficiencies unmatched by its competitors.

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Our mission was to gain information about a new, potential client base when we first met with Comforce (CloudAgents parent company). We were positive that we need a professional partner as we wanted to outsource one of the most difficult part of the sales process; cold calling and appointment setting. Our targets (conversion rates)...

Tóth Balázs, sales manager