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  • 150+ Native Languages
    Multilingual Customer Support with over 12,000 skilled agents
    covering all standard time zones
  • OmniChannel Service
    Voice, E-mail, Webchat, SMS, Social Media, VideoChat,
    In-App Support and more...
  • Scalable and Cost Efficient
    Services starting with one workstation and scaling with your needs
  • Enjoy the comfort
    of Outsourcing
    Proprietary Quality Assurance process and exceptional
    Business Continuity keeps your operation under control

Multilingual Contact Center Services

A Global Provider of Customer Support since 2008


The vast majority of consumers still prefer to talk to agents via phone. We provide Customer Service, Help-desk, Information Line, Order Taking, Telemarketing, Telesurveys, Early Collection, Database building and many more services in over a hundred native languages.


Email is the second most popular customer service channel. Whether if it's Customer support, Tech Support, Inquiry Handling, Order Taking or Appointment Setting, email communication with your customers are in good hands.


When your customers can’t use their phone but want to reach out to your company as soon as possible, web chat solutions is the most convenient way for a real-time customer experience. Webchat also can lead to a reduction in phone calls and to fewer post-sales customer issues.

Text Message

Text messaging is invaluable for private communication in public, for multi-tasking, or for simply having a conversation at your customers' own pace. SMS is a quick and flexible communication channel your customers are already familiar with using.

Social Media

If you want to deliver a seamless, brand-building, high-value experience to your customers, outsourcing your Social Media support is a right choice. We manage channel by channel with an appropriate service-level response, keeping the balance between being responsive and cost efficient.

Video Chat

The rise of mobile devices, along with several communication platforms keep you in touch with your customers like never before. Video allows for a near face-to-face conversation with an agent. This channel is definitely the future of customer service. Make it available for your organization today!

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