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Dear Cloudagents Global Community!
Anytime a CEO is about to start sharing the key messages regarding the New Year to the colleagues, an assessment of the previous period of business is more than essential. I'm feeling lucky since it's always a pleasure to share a great success story out loud: a doubled year-on-year turnover growth, an increasing number of projects, witnessing more and more agents joining our operation model and being shortlisted at one of the industry's major award festival would make any Leader proud and smiling. Of course, the business environment remains tough and few challenges await us in 2018 as well: keeping our financial growth rate sustainable, enriching and engaging further our global agent pool, providing our clients with more sophisticated services are all among our goals we have to achieve this year.

Even though this topic is serious enough to fill out any year opening message, yet let me share some thoughts with you about the HOW instead of the WHAT. The way we as a company work and do business with our partners is sealed by our corporate values every agent should be well aware of.

1. Innovation:
Our cloud based operation is not only a technological snapshot of a well maintained group of IT products, but a business model based on continuous innovation of these systems. At Cloudagents everyone aims to implement new ideas, create dynamic products and work on improving existing solutions to live up to the challenges of the developing cloud based world.

2. Client commitment
Only the committed ones have the power for a thorough self-evaluation aiming for a long-term impact, which if done properly, could not only serve the individual, but also his/her environment. The same applies for corporations. Cloudagents has learnt through the past 10 years that due to the sensitiveness of operating a contact center, clients are looking for a long-term partnership. Our client oriented attitude supports our company to become a close and long term partner for our clients' organization.

3. Flexibility
It's probably a very easy-to-understand but at the same time a very difficult-to-manage promise of ours towards not only our clients but also ourselves. We can only provide scalable service if we keep all of you engaged, motivated and well-trained at the same time.

4. Quality excellence
The level of service can be measured by an almost endless army of KPIs in order to make our attitude towards objective viewing angles satisfied. However, let's face it: the internal drive for excellence remains every person's most valuable asset meaning that the way we, Cloud Agents, get evaluated depends just upon us.

5. Passion for success
This phrase is often replaced by the word 'compliance' in the business world, however it's more on the human level: it defines how we build our relationships within and outside the company. It also sets the moral path every agent is requested to follow when representing Cloudagents at any part of the globe.

6. Innovation
Every agent's story is a success story on its own and these unique and individual tales are like puzzle pieces of a big smiling face sensed probably by every customer served worldwide. Do you know any better sign for passion than an honest smile? Please keep sharing this with us, our partners and their clients.

With the last month of the winter season counting its days please let me remind you how important it is to stay fit both physically and mentally. Your everyday routine requires a lot of sitting, keeping your body in the same position for hours so it's very important to do regular muscle exercises starting from basic yoga stretching to jogging, going to the gym or playing your favorite game with the team of friends. The same applies to your ‘brainware’: please try to find empty slots in your timetable to recharge your batteries - even during working time. Having served as a call center operator in my early professional years I received the same encouragement from my supervisors: seek the optimal health life balance by focusing both on doing your job and keeping a loving company around you with your spouse, your kids, your family and your friends.

I strongly believe that Cloudagents's service and operational model allows you to do interesting, varied and valuable work providing you with a flexible job routine at the same time. This may allow you to explore other important parts of your life making it more interesting and loaded with opportunities. While talking about Cloudagents' goals for 2018 and beyond there's certainly one success factor not to be left unconsidered: You. Everyone at Cloudagents knows that a company is only as good as the level of determination, readiness and ownership sense of its workforce.

Please let me wish you and your beloved ones good health, happiness and joy for 2018.

With warm regards,
Zsolt Szmolinka


Konyves K. Krt. 12-14 Budapest 1097 Hungary

+(36-1) 999-5300

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