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On 13th March 2019, Cloudagents proudly participated in the initial presentation of the Career Orientation Program of AmCham Hungary, and Debrecen Szakképzési Centrum. Zsolt Szmolinka (Chief Executive Officer at Cloudagents) represented the BSC Roundtable.

The aim of the program is to align the local community, and the members of the education and corporate sectors to help fulfill corporate recruitment requirements. Debrecen is aiming to - in the words of mayor László Papp - increase the number of students at the local university above 100,000 by 2030. This is crucial to be able to keep progressing in further developing the city.

So far, 97 corporations and 92 schools have joined the program along with Cloudagents. Hopefully, this number will only increase in the near future. We have taken the first steps to help educate graduates and students about the possibilities of working the BPO sector. The Student Open Day on 28th November 2018 was held to be able to introduce the Shared Service Sector to students. There are many different ways to have a successful career in Contract Centre Services. Recruitment, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing are all areas in which people can start to work in addition to Customer Services. Cloudagents is privileged to participate in the ongoing effort to help connect education and the SSC industry. We would like to thank all participants for a truly inspirational and motivating event. We are looking forward to the next steps.

Source: dehir.hu


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