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CloudAgents supports Education

On 29th November 2018, CloudAgents was privileged to welcome students of the Institute of Dutch Studies from University of Debrecen and students of Debreceni SZC Bethlen Gábor Közgazdasági Szakgimnáziuma. The students visited us under the remit of Dr. Márta Kántor-Faragó. We are thankful for their visit and their keen interest in the Shared Service Center (SSC) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industries.

As a facilitator of technological development and multilingual services, we wish to support education and enrich students’ life. The SSC industry is a fast-growing, dynamic sector with many different career opportunites, however students are often unaware of the hidden gem that is contact center services. There are many negative views and stereotypes about call centers, which are deeply rooted in society. As a consequence, young professionals are often discouraged from choosing jobs in this area.

CloudAgents pioneers innovative contact center technology, and we strongly believe it is time to show recent development in SSCs and BPOs. There are many specialized fields of study which can be useful in the outsourcing industry. HR, Recruitment, Sales and Marketing, IT are all professions which can be a beneficial background for anyone interested in working at an SSC or BPO.

Students attending Cloudagents presentation
Students eagerly participated in lively discussions

With the emerging popularity of homesourcing, more professionals are attracted to contact centres. The advantages of home-working positions are numerous. Freelancers can save time without needing to commute to work. This means they can achieve better work-life balance as well. In some cases, a familiar environment can help boost productivity.

It is in this spirit that we wished to introduce the benefits and challenges of the SSC sector to aspiring young talent. We opened our doors to two dozen curious teenagers and university students and introduced them to our everyday life. They had the opportunity to learn about business communication, sales and marketing, and the benefits of homeworking careers.

CloudAgents Presentation
Ákos Lőrincz (left) and Dr. Norbert Kovács present the benefits of homesourcing

Zsolt Szmolinka, Chief Executive Officer opened the event. As Zsolt noted: „It is always a privilege to show newcomers to the job market how many fantastic career paths they can take. ” Dr. Norbert Kovács, HR and Legal Consultant to CloudAgents introduced the attendees to best practices in business communication. Norbert too can look back to a long and winding career in contact centers, and he adds value to the business in several key areas.

Tamas Takacs, Head of Resource Management, held mock interviews for the students. It is a valuable experience to try what it feels like to be in front of an interview panel. This is true especially before one has the first real interview in their life. The university students and the students of the SSC specialization course could also take a bird’s eye view of lead generation and sales in the B2B sector. Ákos Lőrincz, Sales Professional at CloudAgents presented the key areas of business development at CloudAgents, and the unique value of cloud-based technology in contact centre services.

29th November was an eventful, and promising day. It was our privilege to educate and entertain the professional enterpreneurs of the future, if only for a brief time. We hope CloudAgents was a memorable and useful milestone in their programme to visit all BPOs in Debrecen, and that they can see call center businesses in a positive light.

Special thanks to Dr. Márta Kántor-Faragó for organising the event, and bringing together students of the Institute of Dutch Studies from University of Debrecen and students of Debreceni SZC Bethlen Gábor Közgazdasági Szakgimnáziuma. CloudAgents is thankful for this special occasion and we are looking forward to the next opportunity.


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