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Tom started his career in the SSC sector in 2013 as a Customer Service Agent. After one year he was promoted to a Supervisor, then a Service Lead. During this roles he was also involved into recruitment, where he needed to fulfil one of the biggest EU airline’s request. While he was doing it had a chance to paint a clear picture about other recruitment competitors, agencies and student bodies. The consequence of the above means that from 2017 he was promoted to be part of the Global Talent Acquisition team. One of his main project was to complete a full local market research in Poland and deliver the end to end recruitment for a new service bringing 50 people on board within 3 months.
To take the resourcing method to the next level he was working hand in hand with the University of Debrecen where a new course was accredited, called Customer Service Relations course. He was looking for new opportunities, challenges when CloudAgents came to the horizon and offered the Head of Resource Management position. Tom is committed to deliver high quality and think outside of the box, to make sure, the company will lead the world with such model.


Konyves K. Krt. 12-14 Budapest 1097 Hungary

+(36-1) 999-5300

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GfK Qualified Call Centre Award

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Red Herring Top 100 Europe Winner (2015)
Top 100 North America Finalist (2015)

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Certificate of Recognition
for a Significant Innovation (2012)

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CEE Outsourcing And Shared Services Awards
Short List (2014,2015)