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How do I receive my payment?

Payment is made through Payoneer during the first 10 working days of each month following your working month. Important: do not forget to add your Payoneer e-mail address on your agent profile. In case you were contacted through any freelance partner site your contract and payment will be handled through the particular site.

How are my working hours calculated?

Our call management system logs all agent activities, including call time, login time, after work time and personal break time. The registered hours in the system are the basis for payment beside your confirmed working schedule approved by your Supervisor. Your work time is usually calculated by login time minus personal break time, however this can vary from project to project.

Do I have to pay taxes?

Yes, according to your country's taxation law. Each agent is an independent contractor and responsible for reporting their income and paying their income taxes. Make sure you are aligned with the tax law of your country where you work.


When will my project start?

Each project has its own launch date. In case it is not specified in the project overview document, HR team will inform you via e-mail with the coordinates in time.

How many hours do I need to work?

We will ask you to send us your time availability on each project, but please assign minimum 3-4 hours a day. Some projects will allow you to work flexible hours and some appoints shifts to agents. This depends on the scope of the project.

What are the Technical Requirements?

USB Headset (separate microphone and loudspeakers are not good enough to manage calls) Recommended brands: Jabra, Sennheiser, Plantronics.

Desktop Computer or Laptop and 1,6 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM and 100 MB free disk space. Recommenced operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10

Broadband internet connection - cable or fiber optic internet connections, with stable ping rate under 50 ms; Minimum Upload/Download speed: 3 Mbit/sec/workstation

Can I work from public spaces like an internet cafe, coffee shop?

No. A quiet and a comfortable workplace is a basic requirement to be a professional home based worker. No background noise allowed and please make sure to avoid any distractions (eg. pets, construction, etc).

In what countries do you hire for UCC Cloud?

Until your work environment meets the requirements of the vacancy you can work from wherever you wish!

What schedules can I select from?

It mostly depends on the project that you will work on. There are projects where scheduling is 100% flexible (outbound projects, first of all) and there are some with less flexibility in terms of working hours. Such as customer service projects.

When will you contact me?

We are going to get in touch with you in case there is any vacancy that fits your skills and is suitable for you. In other cases, you will be contacted as soon as we have a project that might be interesting for you and its agent profile matches with yours.

How will I receive support at home?

Every project has its own project manager and they are ready to help you in case of question.

Are positions part time or full time?

Most of the time we are looking for part-timers, but you can find more information about working hours in job descriptions.

Do I need to complete a training program?

Of course. Every project is preceded by general and project specific trainings, depending on the project requirements.

Am I paid for training?


How long is training?

Usually basic trainings take a few hours only, however they are project specific.

Can I use VoIP for my phone service?

You need to provide tools that are mentioned above, everything else, including the call handling software will be ensured by UCC Cloud.


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