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Full Scale Customer Service

UCC Cloud provides flexible multilingual customer service as a global solution. Compared to traditional call center companies, where the outsourced contact centre is a physical environment, the Cloud Agent is situated in the Home Center. Even though the online agent is working in a virtual contact center, a high level of service is achieved in the Home Office that is on par with any call centre solution. The agent is working in a comfortable, familiar environment, and does not have to endure the stressful experience of commuting, eliminating concerns of tardiness. Our flexible, cloud-based customer service is a global capability with nearly no limitation to language and labour capacity. The Customer Experience in this unique call center is guaranteed to be above expectations by multi-skill, experienced professionals. The scope of activities are compatible with the established framework of a multilingual call center or technical support center. Answering general enquiries and complaints, offering help concerning the product or service, processing product returns and refunds, in multiple channels including voice, email or live chat.

In addition to an inbound call center, where agents receive the customers’ inquiries, there is also the possibility of initating communication to the appropriate parties. Outbound call center solutions can include following up customer complaints, telemarketing, market research, lead generation, ecommerce and telesales activities related to cold calls. Short, mid and long term projects are all within our scope. The operations are standard, up to date and in line with PCI DSS, GDPR, and ISO 9001 compliance. UCC Cloud provides services based on hourly rates, to increase cost efficiency. This can be a resource model that is perfectly fitting your requirements. Apart from sales, internal back office functions can also be substantiated with great efficiency and maximizing utilisation. UCC Cloud is at the heart of innovation in the SSC Hungary sector, therefore UCC Cloud also offers call center jobs in a number of established and up-and-coming SSC-focused regions in Hungary, where outsourcing is prominent. Call centers in Debrecen, along with call centers in Miskolc provide the backbone of our operations. The availability of physical locations makes it possible to offer hybrid solutions for contact centre services, as a single point of contact for overseeing all your campaigns. In this case, customer service is provided by offshoring (via homesourced agents from remote locations) combined with a local team. The hybrid solution provides considerable competitive advantages over more traditional call centers in Hungary, and as regional centers are generally more cost-conservative than call centers in Budapest, a direct response call center can be operated with increased transparency, and foreseeable costs.


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GfK Qualified Call Centre Award

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Red Herring Top 100 Europe Winner (2015)
Top 100 North America Finalist (2015)

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Certificate of Recognition
for a Significant Innovation (2012)

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CEE Outsourcing And Shared Services Awards
Short List (2014,2015)