Home based Dutch mystery shopping

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Home based Dutch mystery shopping

Home based Dutch mystery shopping

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Are you a native Dutch speaker with fluent English language knowledge and great communicational skills? If both your answers are yes, then we are looking for you! We are searching for new colleagues to join our mystery shopping team. Come and challenge yourself in our international, cloud customer service team!

Our client is the European market leader in market research for the automotive industry.

Task: Acting as a mystery shopper purchasing car tires in a given market (France, Belgium, Holland) from a given database

Duration: 2-3 weeks per month (40-50 hours), each month until the end of the year

Call hours: 9am-5pm local time (flexible working hours), but calls have to be done around the middle of the month

Start date: immediate

Work type: Permanent work from home, freelancer partnership 

Offer: 2 USD per fully completed survey (only 3 questions - in general agents are able to complete a minimum of 6-8 surveys per hour)

Project Type: Ongoing project


Agent Requirements


  • Native Dutch language knowledge is a requirement
  • Solid computer skills , interest in technical field
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Precision of data entry
  • Able to work minimum 40-50 hours a month
  • Attend training: provided by CloudAgents and our partner

Work Environment Requirements

  • Quiet workplace (tasks are delivered from the comfort of the phone agent home)
  • USB Headset (a separate microphone and loudspeakers are not good enough to manage calls)
  • Computer or Laptop with broadband internet connection and with Windows or Linux OS (mobile internet is not good enough to manage calls)

Working Method:

We use cloud based call center technology - You need to download our call handling system, which need to be tested.
We train all of our agents online before the beginning of any project
We monitor the progress of agents and acknowledge successful callers.

If you are interested to join our team, please send your CV to hr@cloudagents.com


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