Home based French senior agent

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Home based French senior agent

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One of our biggest clients is a global tobacco company with more than 200 brands sold in over 200 markets; their ambition is to lead Next Generation Products in which we support them by providing excellent customer support services.

 Job responsibilities:

  • Inbound customer service tasks -  answering incoming written messages and phone calls in a timely matter

  • Outbound customer service tasks (if defined by Supervisor)

  • Being on time and available for given shifts

  • Help with any additional administrative tasks on campaign

  • Learn and follow instructions, use standard operating procedures and call scripts, FAQs as provided by management. Ensure the Service Desk meets all SLA compliance requirements to the business by exercising an ownership mentality toward customer needs, showing respect and consideration to all team members and contributing improvements where possible

  • Checking real time campaign statistics continuously (service level, calls on hold, loss of calls statistics, speed of service, etc) and acts on need to ensuring the SLA

  • Motivating, giving positive feedback, ensuring good atmosphere, care for operators to ensure best  performance from operators

  • Checking performance of operators (login time, logout time, break time, after work time) and acts on need ensuring  the SLA

  • Listening in on calls real time, coaching operators

  • Living comprehensive feedback to operators regularly in professional performance (work, calls, manner of speech, mistakes)

  • Forwarding up to date information to operators  given by CC managers

  • Answering questions of operators, correcting mistakes, reporting mistakes to CC managers

  • Making statistics asked and/or monitor, assess, analyze daily reports if asked by manager

  • Being proactive in process development, propose new ideas for operator  assessment

  • Informing supervisor of any illness or any obstacle that prevents you from working as soon as possible

  • Giving three weeks’ notice in advance about Holiday requests or residing project, to Supervisor

  • Giving immediate feedback to Supervisor in any difficulties or issues with the used programs Participation on all required trainings

  • Substitution of other agents if needed

  • Supporting Supervisors in daily operation management

  • All senior agent tasks done on time


Agent Requirements:

  • European French language knowledge

  • 2 year+ experience in call/contact center or relevant field

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English 

  • Precision of data entry, solid computer skills

  • Able to work minimum 8-9 hours a day ( Monday-Sunday- 5 days)


Payment :

Done monthly, in the first ten working days of the month following the worked month. We pay through our prevailing payment platform. You can find the details and choose the payment method (default: PAYONEER) on your CloudAgents profile.

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In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at hr@cloudagents.com