Innovation Cloudified: Cloudagents’ memo from iPA Conference 2018

HOA IPA 2018 - CloudAgents

The Intelligent Process Automation conference was held on 7th November 2018, at Hotel Corinthia Budapest. Cloudagents was represented by Zsolt Szmolinka (Chief Executive Officer at Cloudagents and Board Member of HOA), who took part as the host of the event, and Matyas Mate (Chief Technology Officer), one of the organisers.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or Intelligent Process Automation (iPA) is a relatively new, emerging field of study. It is concerned with creating new value for businesses and customers by using automations for tasks, which, are repetitive in nature, well defined from end to end and therefore do not necessarily require human interaction. As such this takes businesses beyond the optimisations achievable via regular Business Process Reviews as it may impose solutions for large volumes of tasks, repetitions, and helps smarter resource utilisation. Companies can reduce a tremendous amount of workload by offloading clearly described activities to ’software-robots’.

As Cloudagents strives to incorporate smart technological developments, it was a natural choice for them to stand behind Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association (HOA) and take their part in promoting the synergy of technology and business. Their Executive Board took the initiative and two of their senior executives volunteered to help with running and organising the iPA Conference at Corinthia Budapest.

Group photo of HOA & CA members
Left to right: Balazs G. Nagy, Denes Schill, Marta Bede, Lilla Szekely, Eszter Gabriel, Veronika Gyergyai, Matyas Mate, Richard Ranki

Zsolt Szmolinka (CEO) participated as the host of the event. In his words, the event was an energetic, high-spirited gathering of like-minded individuals from all around the tech world.

Zsolt cherishes the memories of the conference. “I truly believe HOA organised a comprehensive, substantial event, I am honoured to have been the host of the conference and the facilitator of one of the roundtables. The speakers were able to communicate this complex and in-depth topic in a lightweight, friendly manner, and even though we were presented many different perspectives we have got a coherent, unified picture at the end of the day. I am certain that this event was up to international standards, and in the future, it will be a gathering spanning across several days. Cloudagents is committed to pioneer in this field of study. It goes without saying the speakers were professional and fully prepared, and conveyed information in a way that can be appreciated right away. The participants learnt a lot from each other, and valuable connections were made – we are looking forward to continuing the journey. My take-away is that Intelligent Process Automation will, so to say, “take the robot out of the human”, it will enable us to rid ourselves of monotonous tasks and let us enrich our lives with meaning. Because of this, RPA will help us more than most people can believe it today and it will be a risk-free part of everyday life.”

Zsolt Szmolinka (CEO at CloudAgents)
"Intelligent Process Automation will help us more than most people can believe it today and it will be a risk-free part of everyday life." Zsolt Szmolinka is Chief Executive Officer at Cloudagents and Board Member of Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association.

Matyas Mate (CTO) provided help to the expert team behind HOA in organising the event. As a technology expert himself with broad acquaintances within the BSC sector, Matyas has been an advocate of innovation since the beginning of his career. The technology and IT professionals at Cloudagents are already working hard under the wings of Matyas to provide RPA solutions with a high level of service.

Matyas shares with us his experiences. “I can say with confidence, there was not a single moment, when one could have lost interest. The topics and the experience of the speakers didn’t only give a deep insight into Intelligent Process Automations, but has been accompanied with hands on experience, fed on actual projects, challenges and real solutions. While the whole of this topic sounds really serious with robots, machine learning, not even mentioning artificial intelligence, the most important for me was, that none of the speakers turned their speech too technical and most importantly, helped to comprehend this heavy topic with wit and laughter.”

7th November 2018 was a long day, with several weeks of careful preparation leading up to it. However, the experience of seeing the best of the industry share their thoughts on innovation, and helping professionals with the same goals find each other well worth the effort. Cloudagents marked this day in their calendar as a significant milestone in their history. They are looking forward to the next opportunity to share thoughts with the fantastic people met during the event.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone participating at the event, and special thanks to Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association for organizing such an outstanding opportunity.


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