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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology can be utilised effectively as part of an outsourced contact centre or call centre solution in many key industries such as the healthcare industry, the financial sector, ecommerce or even entertainment. Any call center, which need to handle large volume of calls or experience significant spikes in customer service inquiries can benefit from IVR greatly. This is especially true if the forecast volumes are more than the usual, and the inbound call center might not have the required agent at their disposal. These systems might work in tandem with an online agent offering a hybrid solution. Self-service in voice, much like a bot who hands over the conversation to a human professional in a live chat, can free up precious working hours from any multilingual call center team, without compromising customer experience. There are several applications of the technology in ameliorating the structured distribution of contact center workload, and it can contribute to a high level of service by allowing the customer an elevated level of liberty in deciding the amount of interaction with human agents.

Seamless handover with contextual information to better help the agent understand customer requirements is possible, and IVR is a time-tested solution for providing users the means of quick and effective administration of requests using brief prompts. Call center companies routinely use IVR for these reasons, with a domestic and a multilingual customer service approach as well. The easily adjustable contact centre services employed by UCC Cloud is cost-efficient, based on hourly rates, and it can also be featured with IVR to great effect, using the best practices and the latest technology in the SSC industry with a standard environment, in line with PCI DSS, GDPR and ISO 9001 compliance. Homesourcing allows completely flexible setups, as a global capability with nearly no limitation to language and labour capacity. UCC Cloud can also act as a single point of contact for overseeing all your campaigns.This sort of global solution is maximising utilisation, and it is available in the language of choice to better customize the business for improved local market recognition, and it is an appropriate complement to an technical support call center as well.


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