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Cloudagents proudly presents: iPA Conference 2018

Cloudagents proudly presents: iPA Conference 2018

Robotics and Artifical Intelligence (AI) are popping up on the news and over the Internet more and more often. What are these? What is their importance? We know the best opportunity to get your answers.

Cloudagents is proudly participating in organising the forthcoming Intelligent Process Automation Conference held by the Hungarian Service & Outsourcing Association (HOA), on Wednesday, 7 November 2018 at Corinthia Hotel Budapest.

HOA, along with Cloudagents believes the industry has entered a new era of workforce demand, which requires tremendous efforts in innovation. Unprecedented progress in the field of study of AI is about to change our life seemingly overnight, and this new emerging market has already met higher demand for effectiveness, and higher ROI demands.

Players in the BSC & BPO market cannot walk by the new requirements posed by this fast-paced change of perspective, and being loyal to our pioneer approach, Cloudagents wishes to break barriers of the conventional Business Process Reviews. Intelligent Process Automation (Robotic Process Automation) will inevitably become part of every major business and service, which prompts us all to determine how it will best fit into our vision.

The fundamental prerequisite of automation is that one organisation has got well-defined processes or tasks, which show certain repetitive patterns, also the organisation employs sufficient systems to support automation. This is not a simple question of increasing ROI, but rather a question of automation maturity. It’s not enough saying you want to automate, you also need to ask the question, whether you are ready to do so.

While more and more companies are providing automation consultancy and solutions (UiPath, BluePrism, and Workfusion), there are still competition to be at the helm of RPA. There are many advantages that are already expected from this unique field: cost and labour savings, for one. Intelligent Process Automation alleviates concerns of attendance and productivity. No more sick days or holidays, with an added benefit of higher accuracy when completing tasks.

In some case studies, up to 80% cost reduction is observed, with rapid results (ROI in 1-2 years). There is no need to spend on customising existing or new systems, and the iPA reduces errors (up to 30% reduction of Average Handle Time), and therefore, the cost of fixing them. This can be utilised in wide-variety of processes across handful number of sectors, ranging from IT to HR Services, Finance & Accounting, also Supply Chain.

There are many questions around robots. May they be held responsible from a legal perspective? How is transition is managed to an automated workforce? Furthermore, and most importantly, how to handle the fear of robots taking jobs away?

Cloudagents always walks the pioneer path given it’s unique business model. Using a cloud-based workforce, and cloudifying the contact centre as a whole is the first step towards the iPA future.

In order to address the concerns listed above, and to provide an overview of the recent successes in automation, Cloudagents is proud to support the HOA conference on Intelligent Process Automation.

Several key speakers, industry professionals and visionaries have confirmed their appointment at the conference. Don’t hesitate and visit www.hoaipaconference.hu to secure your seat on the express of BSC & BPO revolution.


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