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Morning Routine: 6 Great Tips for Success

morning routine

A morning routine is one of the most important part of your day. Kicking off properly impacts the rest of your day and it can make or break it. Because of this, we wanted to give you a couple of ideas to do it right as a work from home freelancer. There are many misconceptions about homesourcing. People think you should sit on the couch in your pajamas all day. This creates a lot of bad habits. If you want to be successful, you should be professional. You should dress properly, have a healthy breakfast and lunch, and take time off for recreation. Let's deep-dive into the pieces of advice we collected.

1. Wake up your body
Very few people are morning persons. For the rest of us, a glass of cold water, or some hot drink might help kickstart our brains. A few light exercises and stretching can also help to get us going. Some people might prefer a cold shower too. Since Customer Service and Telesales jobs involve sitting for long periods, exercise is important. Make sure to move your body in the morning or in the evening. The vertebrae and the abdomen especially need motion to keep healthy. It might be good practice to stand up every few hours and take a short walk. A standing desk with adjustable height can also give you some variation.

2. Dress for success
The way you dress impacts your mindset. In a home office, you don't have to dress for business. Wear something comfortable and presentable. Many home-working contact center positions need you to join webinars and online meetings with video. It would be embarrassing to turn on your camera in your pajamas, right? A good rule of thumb is, dress as if you were going to meet people even if you are at home. This will create the mindset that you are in "work-mode", and it helps you to focus.

3. Eat to live, don't live to eat
A healthy diet is the key to be able to think. Make sure to have a healthy breakfast. Some people might have a coffee and nothing else. This might turn out to be a mistake, because you definitely need nutrients to keep you going until lunch. Speaking of which, you should leave your desk for a lunch break. Stretch out your legs, and go out even if you're just going to the kitchen. It's proper to turn off your mind and turn off notifications during lunch. After all, how could you respond to messages while being halfway through a sandwich?

4. Do a morning huddle
Before you start to work, go through your checklist for the day. There are many ways to setup reminders. You can use your email client and mark important emails. There are many calendar applications which can be used to keep track of meetings, trainings, and schedules. Decide which action items are the most important and begin with them. Even if the task is unpleasant, it's important to get it done. Procastination can create unnecessary stress if you have strict deadlines.

5. Stay organised
Time management is the very essence of success. There are many ways to do it, as mentioned above. Calendar programs, emails, reminders, notifications are all available in today's world to create your morning routine. Make sure to use secure and modern ways to keep yourself organised. A sticky note on your wall no longer helps unfortunately. It might be high time to ditch your paper calendar too (unless it has cute kittens, of course). There are lot of CRM tools which can list your to-do tasks and send you reminders too. Be sure to keep track of what you need to do in the coming weeks.

6. Prepare for tomorrow
It's important to wrap up the day and plan ahead. Make sure you always know the next steps for your current tasks. A simple checklist can be sufficient for reminding yourself. Some companies use work scheduling tools which send automatic reminders to team members about the beginning of their shift. It's also important to keep in touch with your colleagues and to know if they will be available.

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The above pieces of advice can help you prepare your morning routine for a home-working career. If there are any other ideas which might help, please let us know via our social media channels.

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