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The highest level of Principal control

Our Process - UCC Cloud

Our objective is to ensure the highest level of Principal control over the projects by providing credible information regularly. The transparent reporting structure allows potential quick intervention (database issues, script modification, operator communication and efficiency), the result of which is the achievement of the highest possible quality, performance and cost efficiency during the cooperation.

Tools of quality assurance process:

  • Daily monitoring with visual elements
  • Online listen-in, voice recording retrieval
  • Regular analyses and evaluations
  • Possibility of quick intervention, script modification
  • Upon request CRM integrated, real-time monitoring


UCC Cloud sends daily call statistics reports on the quantitative indicators and effectiveness of calls. Daily presentation of processing data allows continuous control of the project. Upon request we also provide historical data exported from the system for our Principals daily, weekly or monthly, furthermore, online reporting may also be implemented. Reporting takes place in a periodic and thematic form with consideration to the requirements reconciled with the Principal with visual decision supporting elements. We send daily statistics in the format reconciled with the Principal in advance on working days until 12 o’clock the next day to the appointed contact person. Some examples of call centre statistics:

  • Total number of calls handled (gross call statistics)
  • Number of processed data (net call statistics)
  • Number of successful calls, run interviews
  • Unsuccessful calls by type
  • Operator efficiency, individual results (number of calls per hour, number of interviews run per hour, number of call-backs etc.)
  • Costs (telephone cost, call cost)


We ensure the possibility of listening-in for the Principal’s contact person at our site or even at the Principal’s site through online access at the time agreed in advance. The conversation may be checked online or by listening to recorded voice files.

Feedback of operator comments

Regular project evaluation

We evaluate the results of the past period at an assessment presentation attended by the Principal’s representative and the call centre’s executives monthly or quarterly.

Our Process - UCC Cloud

Multi-level quality assurance system

Based on the quality policy principles, our objective is to achieve full satisfaction of our clients during the utilization of our service by constantly developing and improving all the activities of the organization and the commitment of all participants to quality. Through our quality assurance system we determine, measure, analyze, develop and control current performance of each employee. Based on numerical percentage indicators (mathematical methods and statistic analyses) we evaluate the quality of work in accordance with indices set specifically for the project in order to increase efficiency. The objective is to incorporate the requirements formulated in light of the quality criteria into the individual’s scale of values allowing them to operate under the management of the employee, as internal control.

The employee

  • should recognize what makes his/her performance excellent and error-free
  • should understand what he/she must practice, “develop” for excellent performance and what efforts he/she shall make for success

Recruitment and integration

Our Process - CloudAgents


Our Call Centre model operated in a decentralized form is outstanding compared to other traditional Call Centre models regarding qualifications. The distribution rate of those with high level education is 58%, with graduation and diploma is 42%. Also owing to the model, 70% of agents hired already have telephone agent, sales experience and it is also easy to recruit, employ and connect operators speaking foreign languages of almost any kind. All our colleagues undertake confidentiality obligation and shall treat all information related to work as business secret. The obligation related to secrecy is undertaken by the colleague by contract conclusion following successful application.

General test conversation

Each entrant participates in a general test conversation, which, in addition to the selection function, provides detailed information about the operator’s skills. During the test conversation we simulate, among others, a specific campaign task with new entrants, which also allows the first round of evaluation of the operator.

Training and project instructions

Campaign instructions

Before the start of each project the detailed project instruction material is prepared for our operators with a general project description, communication requirements and detailed guidance for handling complaints.


We train the dedicated telesales colleagues participating in the project jointly with the Principal. At the training we introduce all the communication situations that are recommended or indeed to be avoided in the performance of telephone tasks leading to success. We review the conflicts that may arise during a telephone conversation and the ways to resolve them. By transferring theoretical and practical knowledge and introducing various telephone communication techniques we prepare participants for the challenges arising from their tasks, thereby facilitating successful contact building and sales.

Specific test conversation

After the training, before commencing the campaign our colleagues participate in a project specific test conversation where they must call one of our test managers in a simulated environment along specific campaign instructions, who only permits the operator to a live campaign with the appropriate evaluation.

Quality Assurance

quality roles table - CloudAgents

Supervisor listen-in

Our supervisors constantly listen into the conversations of our operators, analyze them and perform coaching. In addition to operator control, listen-ins highly contributes to the analysis of the campaign as well. The task of the supervisors is to indicate the problems arising during the campaign and waiting for a solution in time and to provide feedback to the customer relations manager about the project’s quality parameters (database, complaint handling, and script quality). These feedbacks provide the basis of continuous refinement of projects and constant improvement of efficiency.

Quality controller re-listening

Our quality controllers regularly re-listen to the conversations. This has a double goal: to control the project’s quality and to evaluate operators personally.

Statistic control

Based on real-time data in our systems we can analyze campaign data at any moment (level of database processing, sales efficiency, cost control). The account manager in collaboration with the operation manager constantly monitors running projects in order to be able to intervene at any time for the most efficient performance of work possible.

Catch-up training

We hold regular catch-up training sessions for our operators based on supervisors’ and quality controllers’ feedback. At these forums we jointly analyze problems and teach solutions. Based on the feedback instructions may be modified, scripts may be fine tuned and the complaint handling guidance expands.


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