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Our Technology

A cloud-based contact center environment means that the locally needed IT resources are minimized. By moving the IT infrastructure off your site, you can focus on the core business competencies instead of implementing and maintaining multiple hardware and software applications. Using cutting edge technology, UCC Cloud has the ability to provide a scalable architecture and a unique assessment system that has the ability to monitor and analyze key performance indicators real-time. By adopting the most sophisticated and up-to-date tools and procedures that currently exist, UCC Cloud can assure you that its application is secure and private.

CTI Contact Centre Systems

UCC Cloud manages customer contacts in VoIP based CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) contact management systems, the secure availability of which is ensured in a redundant architecture.

Our Technology - UCC Cloud

Services of the applied VoIP based call centre systems

  • IP branch exchange
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): automatic voice menu system
  • Inbound Call Routing with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): to optimally distribute inbound calls
  • 400 VoIP based work-at-home stations, which is expandable if necessary
  • Agent Management: on the web configuration surface
  • Workforce Management facilitated by the Supervisor Interface
  • Predictive Dialling, Power Dialling functions
  • Quality Monitoring: for quality assurance

Characteristics and services of the technology

Online administration
  • Full IVR setting and management
  • Skill-based routing management
  • User administration
  • Enquiry of statistics and reports according to the appropriate authorizations
  • Downloading and archiving voice recordings through a secure data connection
  • Efficiency and loading indicators
  • Script programming and quick modification option

Automatic dialling
  • Manual, Power and Predictive mode
  • The predictive dialler increases performance by eliminating dialling and waiting time
  • Operators’ productivity and time spent on the line is maximized
  • The intelligent dialler is adapted to the campaign
  • Target based assignment with quota management
  • Advanced outbound call settings

Voice Interaction Router
  • Outbound and inbound calls at the same time (call blending)
  • Forwarding inbound calls to the most qualified operators
  • Priority and skill based call allocation (skill based routing)
  • Service level (SLA) monitoring
  • Call transfer based on caller ID or button code (DTMF)

Voice recording and listen-in
  • Immediate listen-in modes: Silent, Trainer and Conference mode
  • Voice recording
  • Recorded conversations can be screened based on operator, time, campaign or dialled number
  • Automatic voice download

Real-time statistics and monitoring
  • The supervisor sees the full call process and loading
  • SLA control
  • Integrated historical statistics
  • Detailed and aggregate operator and campaign performance reports

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Customizable greeting texts and voice replays
  • 100% parameter definability on the online surface
  • Voice mail system
  • Timed IVR (management of open hours, bank holidays, other dates)

Remote work integration
  • Work is possible from any location
  • In case of meeting technical and quality criteria, registered operators can connect from any point of the world
  • Call centre performance may be monitored from abroad or even home

  • Computer integrated database and call controlling
  • Image and voice indication
  • Full control over calls (e.g. call transfer, call hold)
  • Adaptive Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate with other tools

System Level Data Security

CloudAgents - System Level Data Seciroty

Redundant data storage and backup

All data are simultaneously stored on redundant servers in ISO 27001 certified data centers prevent any loss of data.


All connections are protected with the most recent SSL encryption standards ensuring integrity of the data.


Well designed and strict firewall ruleset protects the confidentiality of the data transmitted or stored.

Physical protection

Our servers are located in ISO 27001 certified Data Centres, where both physical and system security are regulated strictly.

Sophisticated access management and authorisation system

Applying rigorous end-to-end processes throughout access and password management enforces data security across all accounts.


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GfK - UCC Cloud

GfK Qualified Call Centre Award

Red Herring - UCC Cloud

Red Herring Top 100 Europe Winner (2015)
Top 100 North America Finalist (2015)

Certificate of Recognition - UCC Cloud

Certificate of Recognition
for a Significant Innovation (2012)

CEE - UCC Cloud

CEE Outsourcing And Shared Services Awards
Short List (2014,2015)