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Contact centre services include, apart from inbound call center functions, the outsourcing or offshoring of capabilities pertaining to sales activities. Telesales, as a multi skill activity, requires the agent to perform effectively in a variety of areas: ecommerce, telemarketing, market research, lead generation, and any related task that begins with a cold call. Unlike regular customer service, these tasks only provide adequate customer experience if the call center professional has a native level of language and a deep understanding of relevant sociocultural phenomena. Simple customer inquiries in a multilingual call center are sufficiently fulfilled by agents well-trained in policy, who only possess a conversational understanding of language; this is especially true in case of live chat. In order to be able to pitch effectively, one has to speak the language of the customers with the same dialect as they are familiar with. The Cloud Agent, who works from a flexible home office environment that is maximising utilisation, benefits from the native language used in everyday life. As it is home-based, this is an easily adjustable, scalable model, ideal for short, mid and long term projects. The hourly rates make this setup cost-efficient, and it is a global capability with no limitation to language and labour capacity.

Call center companies promise a high level of service provided by the C1 level certified employees working hard in their ousourced contact centre. However, most of the call center jobs offered in a direct response call center are just that: roles fulfilled by professionals commanding a very high level of their second or even third language, exceeding expectations in their area of expertise in a technical support call center. Whether a second-language speaker is optimal for an outbound call center targeting a foreign language is up to debate. There is no question however, that the online agent in the virtual workspace is more than competitive. Being raised in the target language environment is not a neglectible factor in establishing a standard level of quality, and UCC Cloud lives up to expectations in this regard. The Home Center is a resource model that is perfectly fitting your requirements. It adds the inherent value of nativity to all outbound contact center operations, and by virtue of its cloud-based technology turns a call centre solution into a global solution. It is fully standard, in line with PCI DSS, GDPR, and ISO 9001 compliance. Back office and multilingual customer service, in addition to sales, are also a probable area in which the native agents can add value.


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