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Telesurveys can provide important data to a market research or ecommerce campaign, and a cost-efficient outsourced contact centre is an ideal solution for brief projects requiring a number of extra hands. Most call center companies looking for continuous projects might not be able to provide call center jobs for a few weeks only, but a cloud-based global solution can maximize utilisation. By utilising a sizeable, on-demand workforce, UCC Cloud can cover your needs of collecting telesurveys by Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). Perfectly fitting your requirements, this scalable model is using the Cloud Agent, a home-working professional with native language proficiency and multi skill capabilities, i.e. interviewing, customer service, telesales, lead generation, cold call, among others. The high level of service and premium customer experience is guaranteed by the online agent, who can confidently handle your telemarketing requirements for short, mid and long-term campaigns. The outsourcing of these activities to an outbound call center is always a decision with impact; however, by presenting facts from established references and case studies, UCC Cloud can introduce you to a call centre solution with a virtual workspace that adapts with great flexibility to short-term projects, as well as to continuous multilingual customer service needs.

Offshoring contact centre services can be justified not only by the proverbial reason of cost-cutting, but also for the added value of contact center companies who solely focus on perfecting the multilingual call center as a concept. UCC Cloud as an established single point of contact, has a flexible solution for a wide variety of sales and call center requirements, such as an inbound call center (e.g. technical support call center) or a direct response call center and the agent working from a home office can be as effective as a local resource. There is nearly no limitation to language and labour capacity. The Home Center can be effectively supervised by a fully-digital environment with modern software tools (also in line with PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 9001 compliance), and the supervising staff consist of industry veterans with dozens of years of expertise in the Shared Service Center (SSC) sector.


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