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Why UCC Cloud?

  • Do you still recruit, maintain and manage your own call-center?
  • Do you still pay expensive overheads to house your customer service department?
  • Do you get charged for the fixed costs of your outsourced call center?
  • Are you frustrated by inflexible pricing or service that cannot handle peaks and troughs?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, it is time to move your customer service to a higher level, right up to the clouds. Discover the UCC Cloud advantage, bringing a new approach to customer service utilizing cloud computing and novel HR management technologies to achieve high service quality, unprecedented flexibility, availability of any language or dialect and cost effectiveness all at the same time.

With the continuous and parallel growth of customer expectations and market driven financial pressure, companies are faced with the challenge of delivering higher quality customer service and cutting costs simultaneously. While traditional call centres and telemarketing have achieved significant efficiency improvement in the past, there is a limit to what further gains may be achieved without sacrificing quality of service. The goal sounds like mission impossible using traditional contact centers...

Fortunately recent advances and break-through in technology allow novel solutions to the problem of making direct contact with existing and potential customers. While distributed, home based agents were impossible to deploy just a few years ago, with the advent of cloud computing this approach became a reality. UCC Cloud is the leader that brings you the advantages of the distributed contact center to help your business achieve more results for less.

The UCC Cloud solution is a state of the art implementation of the 21st century’s call center base on the cloud computing model that enables companies to reduce capital expenditure (or outsourcing cost) by eliminating physical brick and mortar workplaces from the customer contact process, tap into a nearly unlimited talent pool by eliminating the geographical restrictions on agent recruitment and introduce efficiencies unmatched by its competitors.

Why CloudAgents

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Fast and Scalable

Unique capacity:
• The appropriate number of agents is ensured within a short deadline even in the case of large-volume tasks or unforeseen peaks.

Quick response time:
• Apart from the number of agents, the content and technical parameters of scripts can be changed immediately. The online training system and process ensure up-to-date knowledge even in the case of new information.

• Have you ever had agents in your call-center inundated by phone-calls and working overtime while other times sitting there having not enough to do? Have you ever wasted your valuable human resources on tasks that were not providing value to your company? When it comes to capacity planning, most companies have to focus on the peak usage of an application. This process requires the maintenance of a fixed – and sometimes unnecessary, rigid and expensive- overhead, while not having the flexibility to cater to the changing needs of the market. Our solution differs from this traditional way of capacity planning by providing the ability to scale the resources up or down based on demand. So if you need more agents because it is the holiday season, you got it! If you need less, no problem! UCC Cloud assesses your demands and caters to your needs in real-time.

Fast and Scalable - CloudAgents

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient - CloudAgents

In a traditional call-center environment, companies are usually required to have an expensive and fixed overhead that is not flexible enough when the need comes to expand (or shrink), and needs to be sized for peak demand. Agent availability has to be planned in advance as co-workers need to commute to and from the physical call facility. While past data gives some indication on the demand to be expected, traditional call centers have no efficient ways to react quickly for unexpected fluctuations resulting in either extra costs through capacity waste (agent idle time that someone needs to pay for), or under capacity (drop in service level, customer dissatisfaction).

Our solution reduces overhead and IT costs and dramatically increases flexibility by providing a virtual call-center service, routing incoming and outgoing calls to agents working from home. The elimination of a fixed location will result in dramatic cost reductions while your company can focus on the core value of your business: and that is what you are the best at. UCC Cloud provides a platform that is secure, rapid, scalable, while maintaining or improving service levels. Besides providing you access to a global workforce (including North America, Europe, Africa or Asia) iit also creates a work-environment where agents can live up to their full potential. They may choose the work they like and are best at, at the time they want it. UCC Cloud is a win-win model for companies with both inbound and outbound call-center service needs, as well as for agents. Taking advantage of technology advances creates a work and marketplace where boundaries no longer exist and the potential of your company is maximized.

Native and Multilingual

With over 12,000 agents around the globe we recruit and train our skilled workforce for processing phone calls, e-mail, web-submits, fax, voice mail and chat services in virtually any languages or dialects tailored to your needs. UCC Cloud is a well developed market leader with high number of linguistic and strategic capabilities. We are available 24x7x365 and support the following languages: English (American, British), German (German, Swiss, Austrian), Spanish, French (French, Arabic), Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Moldavian, Italian, Slovak, Serbian, Arabic, Portuguese (Portugal, Brazilian), Croatian, Tagalog, Turkish, Indonesian, Dutch, Flemish, Ukrainian, Czech, Hindi, Filipino, Greek, Danish, Polish, Urdu, Swedish, Japanese, Thai, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, Jin), Korean, Norwegian, Albanian, Slovenian, Panjabi, Macedonian, Latin, Bulgarian, Bengali, Bosnian, Cebuano, Catalan, Finnish, Swahili, Afrikaans, Hebrew, Haitian Creole, Vietnamese, Marathi, Tamil, Visayan, Kannada, Persian, Malay, Telugu, Creole, Gujarati, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Pushto, Icelandic, Armenian, Afar, Ndonga, Bangla, Yoruba, Belarusian, Zulu, Sotho, Oshiwambo, Sindhi, Kalaallisut, Igbo, Aymara, Lao, Sinhalese, Burmese, Bahasa, Latvian, Nepali, Shona, Georgian, Luxembourgish, Montenegrin, Berber, Ganda, Awadhi, Estonian, Vernacular, Lingala, Northern Sami, Basque, Norwegian. Ask us about other languages not listed.

Native and Multilingual - CloudAgents

Outstanding Quality

Outstanding Quality - CloudAgents

Unique quality assurance process
• During call handling, supervisors listen to the conversations and monitor their efficiency in real time. Quality controllers evaluate work according to objective criteria, independent of supervisors. During call handling, catching-up and continuous development are facilitated by situational exercises and coaching.

Coaching approach management
• We measure, analyze and develop performance by feedback for each agent. Colleagues joining us attend integration training and then, after an exam, they receive individual assessment, which is the basis of their personal development plan. The coaching program follows the agent through the entire working relationship.

Dedicated customer relations
• We employ up-to-date, quickly reacting customer relations managers at the service of our clients for keeping daily contact.

Independent qualification
• At the professional competition arranged by GFK Market Research Institute in 2010 and 2011 we met the high standard qualification criteria whereby we obtained the Qualified Call Center acknowledgement.


By operating in a fully decentralized structure with remote workforce, cloud-based system resources and redundant data centers, UCC Cloud's model offers a higher level of Business Continuity than any brick-and-mortar model does. UCC Cloud’s operation provides Service Level on yearly basis in case of fire, flood, strikes, epidemics and any disasters.

UCC Cloud’s Business Continuity procedure includes:
• physically remote workforce for maintaining SLA
• redundant supplies, software and hardware resources
• call center systems in a redundant architecture
• data back-up and recovery on a physically duplicated locations
• logically and physically redundant network and host infrastructure
• logically and physically redundant DNS for all domain names and all DNS dependencies
• emergency procedures for internal and external Significant Business Disruptions events

Redundant - CloudAgents

Robust and Secure

Robust and Secure - CloudAgents

Data management
• We use regulated data management processes, customizable monitoring reports in the form and with the content according to the client’s needs.

Information security
• Call information is stored in secure and redundant data centers. State-of-theart technology, strict encryption protocols and regulated work organization methods guarantee security. No client data stored on workstations.

Physical security
• 7/24 guard service, CCTV (inside/outside), intrusion detection and alarm system, automatic escape-locking doors are providing the highest protection at the operation head office. Entry logs monitored and retained to a future accessible for physical security upon incident, physical access cards are denied upon its loss, stealing or damage.

Unique business continuity
• As a result of the national network and redundant systems continuous operation is ensured even in case of an epidemic, strike, natural disaster and other Acts of God.

Transparent and proactive communication
• With our clear communication, quick feedback and operation that is transparent for our clients we make follow-up of every work phase possible.

Agent Of Your Choice

Employee base customized to your client
• Each customer is different, and when it comes to customer service and these differences have to be considered. In our changing world where everything is individualized and customized, communication styles and the level of information have to be tailored to the need of the customers in order to be successful. UCC Cloud’s system allows the optimization of personnel resources by providing the optimum number of agents at the right time, with the right skill, in the right place and with the requested service level. UCC Cloud recruits from a pool of worldwide labor market, so UCC Cloud offer you the variability in resources that our high-paced economy requires. Having access to such a talented group of people will help management easily exceed the mandated service levels while increasing the operational effectiveness of the call center.

Agent of Your Choice - CloudAgents

Socially Responsible

Socially Responsible - CloudAgents

Creating new job opportunities
• We are proud that by providing work from home opportunities globally we enable qualified people of backward and isolated settlements with huge unemployment, also highly skilled disadvantaged workers to make a living and make their lives happier.

State-of-the-art home-based solutions
• Our solutions provides tremendous cost saving not only for our clients but also for our agents and their households. No need for transportation to commute to a workplace, to pay expensive meals at canteens or to invest into expensive clothing to align with company policies.

Strengthening family and local community relations
• Our workforce can spend more time with family and local communities, thus are more motivated and happier as there is no wasted time with commuting and they can work as much as they want.

Significantly reduces pollution
• Working from home rather than commuting to work reduces a significant amount of pollution, thus helps protecting our environment.


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GfK - UCC Cloud

GfK Qualified Call Centre Award

Red Herring - UCC Cloud

Red Herring Top 100 Europe Winner (2015)
Top 100 North America Finalist (2015)

Certificate of Recognition - UCC Cloud

Certificate of Recognition
for a Significant Innovation (2012)

CEE - UCC Cloud

CEE Outsourcing And Shared Services Awards
Short List (2014,2015)